Classic Media Training

You want to improve your relationship both with the media and the public. Get your product, your company or your initiative the audience and attention it needs. Both within the German and international Media

Cameracool will show you:

  • a better way to work with the media
  • how you can get your message across to journalists and the public and make sure it has the intended effect
  • how to come across as both confident and convincing

Interview/Camera Training

You give interviews or make public statements. Occasionally or all the time. For German or international media - be it TV, radio or online

Cameracool will show you:

  • how to make sure your message gets across
  • how to prepare for interviews and react to unexpected situations
  • how to be confident, competent and convincing

Pitch and presentation training

You’ve got an idea for a business, a new product or a new initiative and have to pitch it. To an investor, a client or in front of a committee. You’ve got three minutes, 30 minutes or you’re part of a competition.

Cameracool will show you:

  • how to prepare the content of your pitch or presentation
  • how to distinguish yourself from the competition and convince the judges
  • what to watch out for during the actual presentation or pitch

Crisis Communication

Your company has to recall a product. One of your employees is being investigated by the tax authorities. There is a serious accident in one of your factories. The phones are ringing off the hook. Journalists are at the gates – the crisis is here.

Cameracool will show you:

  • how to react quickly, competently and convincingly
  • how to make sure you’re in charge of the crisis and not the other way around
  • how to rebuild your reputation
  • the best way to prepare for possible crises
Christiane Gronau - Trainer
Christiane Gronau
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